The Hudson Valley’s Leather Man

The Leather Man

The Leather Man

In The Huffington Post this month, veteran Travel Classics writer Margie Goldsmith tells a remarkable story of a mysterious wanderer in post-Civil War Hudson Valley, and the recent efforts to identify his origins:

“The Leather Man’s hat, trousers, and coat were all made of leather. His leather clogs had wooden soles resembling those worn by French and Belgian peasants. The Leather Man’s clothes weighed more than 60 pounds and looked like a leather patchwork quilt. The locals heard the leather creak as he walked by and many said they could smell him coming.”

Read Margie Goldsmith’s story on HuffPo: “Exhuming the Leather Man of the Hudson Valley

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1 Response to The Hudson Valley’s Leather Man

  1. Don says:

    Last Wednesday, it was announced at a press conference that they were unable to find even a single fragment of his remains at the gravesite. Another mysterious chapter to be added to his story, ,just the way it should be.

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