Judy Kirkwood: Summer Camp at Omega Institute

Judy Kirkwood is a contributing writer to three National Geographic books and writes regularly for ThirdAge.com.
Omega Institute in Rhinebeck New York

Cabins at Omega Institute in Rhinebeck; Photo: Omega Institute for Holistic Studies

The Ram Dass Library is silent except for a click-clack rhythm that gets louder as I climb the steps to the children’s section. I almost step on a woman lying on the floor with her ankles in a machine that moves her feet and legs back and forth. Eyes closed, her lower body shimmies like a mermaid shedding its tail. “It’s a chi machine,” whispers the librarian. It oxygenates, tones, and strengthens the body, stimulating the lymph systems and balancing the spine. Downstairs in each book alcove, people are draped like cats on window seats. This is my idea of the perfect workout–15 minutes of lying on my back with my feet on a jiggling machine, followed by an hour of vigorous reading. Read more…

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4 Responses to Judy Kirkwood: Summer Camp at Omega Institute

  1. Barbara says:

    I’ve often thought about taking a class at Omega. This is such a poetic homage to the place, I may finally move on my musing to do one. Thnaks,


  2. Kathy Mangan says:

    Me too, I’m practicing my Omming. Is that a verb?

  3. I have always loved Omega — for exactly the reasons Judy says in her great story — because of that flowering garden on the way to the dining hall (with all that delicious healty vegan food) and the hippies straight out of the 60s and the trails meandering in the woods, and the library where you can snuggle up with a meditative book, and even for the free wifi in the cafe. Judy, you brought it all back — thank you. But what is this jiggling machine? I missed it!

  4. Linda Tagliaferro says:

    Great article, Judy. It brings me back to the times that I’ve spent at Omega in the past. You paint lovely word pictures and your writing has heart.

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