Born a few blocks from the Hudson River, Barbara Wysocki writes about travel, the arts, children’s literature and spirituality.
Storm King Art Center

Alexander Calder: "Black Flag" 1974, Storm King Art Center, Mountainville, New York

Call me a city-girl. When I hit the pavement in Paris, Chicago, Tokyo or Houston, art is always my first priority. Museums and galleries are invigorating, but encounters with public art often account for my most memorable urban moments. As much as I’m stopped in my tracks by massive metal sculptures with skyscraper backdrops, the Storm King Art Center in Mountainville tops my list when it comes to monumental art. Read more…

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3 Responses to Barbara Wysocki: STORM KING – A VIEW FROM EVERY ANGLE

  1. I love this place so much. Make sure to allow AT LEAST a half day when visiting, though. Storm King covers a huge area. Taking a picnic and eating on the grounds is fun. There’s a good NY style deli in town to buy sandwiches beforehand.

  2. Kathy Mangan says:

    I love how Barbara speaks of discovery and scale at this playground full of oversize and surprising art. The landscapes siting these sculptures is vast, so you see a sculpture on the crest of a hill and believe it to be one size, and when you get there you realize you were all wrong. It brings out the child in everyone. And it makes you see the world differently. And that’s what great art — and great writing — is supposed to do. Thanks for that Barbara.

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