Edward Readicker-Henderson: HAIR ON FIRE

Edward Readicker-Henderson is the recipient of two Lowell Thomas awards. He’s currently working on a book about the edge of the world.
ghost sighting

Illustration from "The Union Jack", Griffith & Farran, London 1881

My Hudson Valley ghost story begins as an entirely different memory, a scent trigger. Fifth grade, when my science teacher—new, and probably twenty years younger than I am now—was trying to teach us something I can’t remember the point of at all. But the demonstration involved lighting a lock of hair on fire. And it all sent us running, unable to go back in the room for the rest of the day. Read more…

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2 Responses to Edward Readicker-Henderson: HAIR ON FIRE

  1. I remember that night. I loved the old inn with its exposed low beams and costumed waiters and waitresses. I think it was the Inn at Dover Plains. Is it still open? I’ve often thought of going back there. What atmosphere.

  2. Kathy Mangan says:

    Edward you do revel in the haunt, as well as in words, like no one else. But you don’t have much hair left to go around with it on fire, and oh the smell. That lesson was in my chemistry book too. Thanks for reminding me.

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